PUBG 1.6 Update Download, Release date, APK+OBB file Available Here

pubg 1.6 update, pubg mobile 1.6 update release date, pubg 1.6 update download link: Who is not crazy about the pubg game? PUBG has ruled the hearts of everyone. It is not hidden from anyone that in the last few years, PUBG has made its mark in the gaming market. It is unbelievable. Simultaneously, PUBG has emerged as a very famous game played all over the world.

Friends pubg game was banned by the Indian government due to some security reasons. Which was very sad news for Indian PUBG fans. The ban of PUBG was also in the national media for many days. There is hardly any house left in which there is no fan of PUBG, so the closure of PUBG was big news for Indians. In today’s topic, we are going to give you some good news about PUBG.

pubg 1.6 update, pubg mobile 1.6 update release date, pubg 1.6 update download link

You might not believe hearing that PUBG has been re-launched in India. In today’s article, we will talk about the new version of PUBG and will tell you how you can now run PUBG in India too. Along with this, we will give you all the information related to pubg like how to download pubg as well as which version of it has been updated.

PUBG Re-Launched in India

The wait for those who play pubg game is over, friends. A few months ago, due to security reasons, the government of India had stopped the pubg game in India, but now the pubg game is re-entering India, the game has given confidence to the government. It is said that he will not give any kind of security-related information to other countries, according to the same terms and conditions, PUBG has been relaunched.

Friends pubg game can now be downloaded from google play store. Now pubg is completely legal in India and it has got approval from the government. There is also news for those playing PUBG that this time this game has been updated with a 1.6 version. The benefit of this is that now a new map has been added to PUBG. Playing PUBG has become even more interesting with the addition of the new one.

PUBG 1.6 Update Date

Friends, as we told you that this time PUBG has been updated with a new version. If you haven’t seen this version, hurry up. And enjoy this version. Friends, if you want to enjoy the new version 2021 of PUBG, then for this you have to go to the official website portal of PUBG. Where you will get PUBG mobile 10.6 APK and OBB files with 742 MB. In this version, you will also see Excellent selection features like the royal past month, which will start on 17th October of the following year.

If you are a pub player, You must be familiar with Flora Menace game mode, which was in the beta version of this game, also available in this too. (Version 1.6)

The new feature in Sense allows players to increase their health by using the Rejuvenation Barrier. “pubg 1.6 update, pubg mobile 1.6 update release date, pubg 1.6 update download link”

PUBG Mobile 1.6 Patch Notes

Friends, many types of features have been given to you in pubg mobile 1.6 patch notes. Due to which playing the game of PUBG has become even more interesting now. That’s why Indian players are very excited about the PUBG game. In the PUBG Mobile 1.6 patch notes, you get a variety of new maps including random weapon outfits, drops, and respawns, etc. Due to which the players will get a completely new experience.

Because pubg mobile was closed in India for a long time. That’s why Indian PUBG players are expecting a lot of new things. Friends, now it will be known only to see how interesting PUBG Mobile 1.6 Patch Notes version will be.

The new version of PUBG includes a variety of new maps such as VIkendi, as well as bringing back a variety of old features such as the infamous Payload 1.0. With so many changes, PUBG Mobile is being re-launched in India, it will give a whole new experience to the PUBG gamers.

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PUBG 1.6 Release Date

If you are missing a pubg game, then now you do not need to miss it. Because now soon the pubg game is being relaunched in India as well. But remember this time this game will be launched with a different name. However, there will be some changes in the PUBG game. And it will be exactly like the previous game. As you all know pubg game was banned for the last few days due to some Chinese company-related issues and Indian security reasons.

But now the company has informed through a tweet that it will soon relaunch its game in India as well. Although this game will be available with a different name.

As evident from Crafton’s tweet, PUBG will soon be re-launched in India. And at the same time, many new features will be added to this game. So that it is more enjoyable for gamers to play this game. The official website or statement of any official has not come for the new version of PUBG. Therefore, nothing can be said about the new date of PUBG.

Although it is being speculated that soon it will be launched in India. India is the second-largest country in the world in terms of population and there are a lot of gamers here, that is why the pubg company maker is desperate to bring the game to the maximum audience as soon as possible. We can expect that PUBG will be relaunched in India soon. “pubg 1.6 update, pubg mobile 1.6 update release date, pubg 1.6 update download link”

Game name Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG)
Subject PUBG 1.6 Update
Release date Soon (not officially announced)
Official website

Beta Version of PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update 2021

With the hope of coming back to Pubg, (Pubg manufacturer company is Crafton). The Pubg game is also giving another new hope for its users, Crafton has said that this time the game will be brought with the 1.6 version. In which the most attractive thing is that version you will get to see with 10 new features. Which will give a completely new look to the game. People are eagerly waiting to see this version.

Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG) India gamers will be able to seize “highlight moments” through their mobile equipment.

The durability of the UAZ along with the bus has been improved in the new version.

So far it has been downloaded by more than 50 million people, if you haven’t downloaded it, then download it quickly and enjoy your favorite game.

For more details, you can visit the official website of pubg mobile game

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Download Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.6 APK, OBB File, and Update

In the new version of PUBG, you will get many types of new features. In the new version 1.6 of PUBG, you will get many unseen features including Show Route Option, Flora Menace mode, which will make your game more interesting. Now gamers will also be able to see their way through the airplane.

Unlimited ammo, fast scope adjustments, such as necessary settings have also been changed. A few days after the release of the new version 1.6 of the game, Royal Pass will also be released for gamers, so friends, it is sure that this time it is going to be even more fun. “pubg 1.6 update, pubg mobile 1.6 update release date, pubg 1.6 update download link”

As soon as there is any update related to the version, then soon you will be made aware of it. Keep checking our website frequently for more such information. So that if any information does not come related to PubG, then you can get it.

PUBG is More Secure Than Before

This time pubg firm krafton is more serious towards security concerns related to tu pubg game last time. We have seen many cases of cheating on pubg, now krafton permanently banned more than 25 lakh accounts on the other hand 7,06,319 accounts banned temporarily between October 1 and November 10.

Pubg developers also made some changes in the login process of pubg. All these precautions are taken by krafton to prevent illegal activities.
The company is taking all necessary steps to eradicate cheetahs from their plot form and has a zero-tolerance policy for those who are running illegal activities on this platform.

Why Does it Matter?

Now the question arises what can be the purpose of launching it after pubg ban. Pubg game is one of the most popular games in India. India is the biggest market for PUBG games. Before PUBG was banned in India, about 50 million active users were available every month. “pubg 1.6 update, pubg mobile 1.6 update release date, pubg 1.6 update download link”

28.8% of the world’s pubg players are found in India The popularity of this game in India can be gauged from the fact that if three children are running mobiles on your street corner, then one of them will be playing PUBG. The hobby of PUBG games has gone up a lot to the Indian people.

The popularity of the PUBG game is increasing day by day in India. But last year the PUBG game had to be banned due to security reasons. Now the company has assured the government that it will not play with any kind of security and PUBG will also be relaunched under a new name.

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Friends, in today’s article, we have come to know which version of PUBG is being updated again, and for how long we will be able to enjoy “pubg 1.6 update, pubg mobile 1.6 update release date, pubg 1.6 update download link”. As we have known, soon PUBG will start running on your mobile and you will start enjoying it. Along with this, we also talked about other topics related to Pubg such as what kind of security has been given in Pubg this time and which new maps have been given. From pubg update to pubg release date, we got to know everything in detail.

If you found this article full of information, then definitely share this article with your friends with whom you play PUBG. Friends, if you have not understood anything, then you can ask it in the comment box. Apart from this, you can also comment to give any kind of suggestion. For other such important information, you can get other information by visiting the home page of our website. Stay with us to get more such good information.

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