About KV


About KV 


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   K.V. IIIT Jhalwa is situated in the campus of Indian institute of information technology Jhalwa Allahabad. It was stablished on 01.04.2003 as civil sector Vidyalaya.Director of IIIT Allahabad is chairman of the Vidyalaya. It is situated at the distance of 12 K.M from Allahabad Railway Station. This is one section School from class I to XII having 568 Students on roll.


About Vidyalaya

   1- Principal Chamber-01, office 01. 2- Staff room 01. 3- Computer lab 01 with 20 computers. 4- Physics Lab 01, 5- Chemistry Lab -01, 6 -Bio Lab 01 7- Library 01.. 8- Class room 12. 9- Maths lab in open space. 10- Music corner., 11-Games & sports corner. 12- Scout & Guide Corner 01.